EDI Claim Manager Client - Updated January 5, 2021

Download and Install Windows Client Version 5.9.24

Features in Version 5.9.24

Fixed issue with xls, xlsx and other file types in which a blank web page opens prior to the download prompt.

Fixed issue to shutdown any open ThinWin  web pages when the application is abruptly closed by the user clicking the main application X button. 

Features in Version 5.9.23

  1. Fix list view which when user scrolls to right on a list view – clicking on the item (or using key board up down keys) caused list view scrolled back to the left 
  2. If the time out warning is enabled and the timeout occurs – only the warning dialog box will be brought to the front instead of the entire ThinWin application
  3. Make Web browser refresh – retain the current position that the user had at the time of the refresh
  4. Now supports browser embedded PDF viewer plugin
  5. Fixed Login screen prompt alignment to right edge to prevent truncation at large fonts > 16 and to prevent excess space at small fonts
  6. Fixed spacing alignment on login screen in classic mode
  7. Always makes TWPRINT (claim view visible) when button clicked (even if previously moved off screen)

Features in Version 5.9.22

Added option to enable inactivity time out warnings

Fixed issue with list view auto-scroll and re-selection